April 10th, 2015

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Post-mortem of Replicator by the French.

Translated in all of it’s hilarity (thank you.) Replicator Winterval – CD  Feedback Loop Industries 2001 You Are Uner Monitoring – CD Substandard 2004Machines Will Always Let You Down – CD Radio is Down 2007 Whangbar Province – CDEP Radio is Down in 2011 The release of the album of Cartographer presented to date their previous group forgotten, lost in the shuffle. Unforgivable. Replicator was composed of Ben […]


Done, son! May we direct thee to:       OR:  


Whangbar Province insert

Thankyou and Goodbye

(from the liner notes of the Whangbar Province EP) There’s something to be said for a terminus, closure, for having the guts to push the button and set the self destruct active. End it on top, before the inevitable slide into self parody and hackery. Oh, how I wish I had the power to make […]